G3 to G6 Coptic Children Convention – August 17 to 19, 2012

Our beloved G3 to G6 Kids contributed this year in the Coptic Children Convention (CCC) from Aug 17 to 19, 2012.

The Kids studied the whole Book of Acts and 12 chapters from the Book of Genesis. In addition, they studied about Coptic Church history, Coptic language and Hymns.

G3 to G6 Kids had lots of fun in a spiritual environment by playing sports, doing crafts, attending very funny plays, singing Christian songs, presenting their drama “The Heavenly Express”, watching other churches’ drama and attending Divine Liturgy every day.

God bless all our beloved Kids and reward all Servants who invested their time and put lots of efforts to build prosperous Christian Kids.

Thank you All.

With the grace of Our Lord, our beloved Kids did very well in the Convention competitions even with the short time preparation: Some got 3rd place trophy in Drama for performing “The Heavenly Express” play. They got 8 FIRST places medal for memorization, 6 FIRST places trophies in Bible study, one FIRST place trophy in Church study, 4 Second places in Church Study, 3 third places prizes in Church Study, one FIRST place trophy in Coptic study, and one second place in Coptic study.

Our beloved SMSJB Church appreciated their achievements and rewarded them all in August 26, 2012 right after the Divine Liturgy.

Congratulations and God bless all our beloved Kids (Keep it up).

Kenya High School Mission Trip – July 29 to August 11, 2012

Twenty people, under the leadership of Father Daniel Bessada, served on this mission trip in charity, spiritual, and medical services.
Our SMSJB High School Group Mission visited Nairobi and Maseno in Kenya:  They visited the RAHA Kids Center in Nairobi, 2 Orphanages in Maseno, A Prison that holds 480 male prisoners, and went on many house visitations.  They also visited a church in the village of Bondo, that is a hut and needs to be built.
Each day, they had Quiet Time from 7-8 AM, Prime prayer from 8-8:30 AM, Reflection from 8:30-9:30 AM, Evening Quiet Time from 6-7 PM, Evening Prayer from 8-8:30 PM, and a Bible Study from 8:30-9:30 PM.
Click Kenya Mission’ 2012 to read more details about this successful Mission Trip.

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Golden Beach Trip for G5 to G8 Group – July 26-27, 2012

Our SMSJB G5 to G8 Group organized a two-days trip to Golden Beach on Rice Lake from July 26 to July 27, 2012.

They enjoyed the boating and fishing there as well as the outdoor swimming pool. They had fun on the Playground, Paddleboats, canoes, kayaks, Fitness Centre and biking.

Fr. Daniel joined them to conduct spiritual sessions and they had bible study sessions too.

Thanks everyone (Servants and Youth Helpers) for the time and effort they spent to offer spiritual and recreational benefits for G5 to G8 Group. God reward you all many folds.

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Kenya Mission Trip – University and Graduates Group – May 08th to 19th, 2012

Our Church beloved university and graduated group went on a mission trip to Kenya where they spent few days in Nairobi and Maseno. Visited Raha Kids; a wonderful place for orphans. Stayed at the Coptic Mission Compound, had the opportunity to serve kids, youth, families and seniors through organized spiritual days at different churches, home visitations and one on one talks. This Short-term mission trip was an awesome opportunity for personal spiritual growth. It left a lasting impact on the community as well as on the individual missionaries. The youth group and councilors were very effective in organizing the trip. Through their dedication to prayer, quiet time, bible study and tireless efforts in preparing stories, sermons, songs, crafts, games and social activities, they were able to reach out to many people and touch their lives. They enjoyed the wonderful scenery when climbing hills early in the morning prior to sun rise for quiet time with God; also, through the amazing nature through day trip safari.
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Kids’ Easter Presentation – April 22, 2012

With the blessed spirit of Easter, our beloved SMSJB Kids performed Easter Presentation outstandingly on SUN April 22nd, 2012 right after the Divine Liturgy.
 They started the Presentation by the Pope Tribute, followed by Angels’ Choir, G1 to G3 Play “Dreams Come True”, G1 and G2 Choir, Pope Shenouda’s Poems, G4 to G6 Performance “Lead Me to the Cross”, G3 to G6 Choir, and G6 to G8 Play “I am Free.”
Abouna distributed Easter’s gifts to all our beloved kids and thanked them for their outstanding performance and commitments to all practice’ sessions.
We thank everyone who participated with his/her time and effort to organize this Presentation and celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection.
May the blessings and joy of Resurrection encompass us all.
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Youth Day – March 18, 2012

Our beloved Church scheduled a Youth Day post SUN Divine Liturgy on Mar 18th at St. John the Beloved’s building.  Our guest speaker was Dr. George Tadros (Buffalo, NY, USA). 
He spoke about how H.H. Pope Shenouda III formed our Coptic Church Identity and how we can form and shape our own Christian Identity. 
In addition, he raised an important topic about being a Christian in different ways:  Physically and Morality, contemplation in the Divine Liturgy, and how Communion strengthens our spiritual life and mind.
We thank Dr. George for his time and effort, and looking forward to seeing him again.
Please keep our Church’s ministries posted in your prayers.
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G5 to G8 Sleepover @Church – March 16-17, 2012

During the March Break, our beloved Church organized a sleepover for G5 to G8 at St. John the Beloved’s building from Mar 16 to 17, 2012. 
Our Youth Group was serving in this event.  All our beloved kids enjoyed the time, had lots of fun, got together for prayer time, bible time, food time and lots of games as usual.
Our beloved kids posted a bunch of requests to repeat this event again and again.
We ask the Lord to bless our kids and reward all servants who prepared and managed this event.
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JK to G2 Trip to Rainbow – March 14, 2012

During the March Break, our beloved Church organized a trip for JK to G2 to Rainbow fun place on Mar 14th, 2012.  All our beloved kids enjoyed the day.  They enjoyed all the rides there, the toys and the other entertainment facilities.  They got together for lunch and continued the remaining activities for the rest of the days.  Thanks for everyone who offered rides for our kids.  God reward you all many folds.
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G1 to G4 Sleepover @Church – March 12-13, 2012

Another wonderful event for our beloved kids during the March Break:  G1 to G4 participated in another sleepover at St. John the Beloved’s building from Mar 12 to 13, 2012.
Kids prayed together, played lots of games, attended bed story time, exercised in the morning, ate together, and have lots of fun.
We thank our beloved kids for their commitments and behaviors and we ask the Lord to bless all Church’s ministries and all servants who organized and coordinated all relevant activities.
Please keep the Church’s ministries and activities posted in your prayers.
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Yonge Street Mission – March 09, 2012

In their continuous efforts to support the community and the “less-fortunate” people, our SMSJB Youth Group (High School Meeting) contributed to a soup kitchen evening at Yonge Street Mission on FRI March 09th, 2012. 
Our Youth Group served there and got the blessing of this ministry:  They prepared the food, served it, and enjoyed the entertainment facilities with the people over there.
We thank the Lord for this blessed opportunity and ask Him to bless our Youth Group, our community and all our Church’s ministries.
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