Our Beloved SMSJB participation in Mahragan El-Keraza’ 2011 – Sep 24, 2011

Thank you our beloved Kids for such an outstanding participation in Mahragan El-Keraza’ 2011.  You did your best and God will do the rest.
Our beloved Kids (SK to G6) participated in multiple  activities, e.g. Drama, Choir, Hymns, Arts, Soccer, Relay, etc.
Special thanks to all our Coptic Church’ leaders who organized this great event worldwide.
We ask the Lord to bless and reward everyone who invested his/her time and effort to make it a successful event.

First Kids’ Summer Camp at our beloved Church (July 19th – August 26th, 2011)

“We’ve been learning and having fun – Thank you our beloved church for making our summer’ time a wonderful and blessed time – We Love Our Church” – A message quoted from the Summer Camp’ Kids (July/August’ 2011).
What made this Summer Camp fruitful and joyful are the multiple activities:  Bible study, Hymns, Drama, Arabic and French lessons, Coptic language, Choir, and on top of them the Sports activities, Craft, and the weekly trips.
All these criteria were behind the high average of kids’ participation.  The kids crafted a beautiful St. Mary’s frame and gave it to our beloved Fr. Daniel Bessada in the occasion of St. Mary’s Feast.
God bless our beloved kids and all our church’s ministries.  God reward you all many folds.
Please ask for the Winter’s Camp details.

Kids’ March Break Trips 2011

Our beloved church organized multiple trips during the March Break for all ages.  It was fun getting together with the spirit of love and great opportunities to take a break from schools.
The church’s kids visited the following places:
o  Movie Day – JK to G6 (FRI Mar 11th, 2011)
o  Tumbles ‘N’ Toys – JK to G2 (MON Mar 14th, 2011)
o  Leisure Lanes Bowling Centre – G3 to G6 (TUE Mar 15th, 2011)
o  Ontario Science Centre – JK to G6 (THU Mar 17th, 2011)

Talents’ Show during Church’s Pre-Lent Gathering and Dinner – SUN Feb 27th, 2011

With the spirit of Love, the Church’s Congregation got together for the Pre-Lent dinner on Sunday February 27th, 2011. 
It was a special occasion where the people enjoyed the Talents’ Show our beloved kids, High School Youth, and our Youth performed.
This show included multiple talents for painting, reading, music, singing, playing music instruments, sports, and a theatre performance.
Abouna Daniel distributed prizes to all contributers and all attendees appreciated the talents’ performance and the efforts. 
We ask the Lord to reward everyone who participated in this Talents’ show and prayed for this fruitful gathering.