First Kids’ Summer Camp at our beloved Church (July 19th – August 26th, 2011)

“We’ve been learning and having fun – Thank you our beloved church for making our summer’ time a wonderful and blessed time – We Love Our Church” – A message quoted from the Summer Camp’ Kids (July/August’ 2011).
What made this Summer Camp fruitful and joyful are the multiple activities:  Bible study, Hymns, Drama, Arabic and French lessons, Coptic language, Choir, and on top of them the Sports activities, Craft, and the weekly trips.
All these criteria were behind the high average of kids’ participation.  The kids crafted a beautiful St. Mary’s frame and gave it to our beloved Fr. Daniel Bessada in the occasion of St. Mary’s Feast.
God bless our beloved kids and all our church’s ministries.  God reward you all many folds.
Please ask for the Winter’s Camp details.

SMSJB First Soccer Tournament – July 2nd, 2011

Our SMSJB beloved church was delighted to host and sponsor her first Soccer Tournament for Grads, Youth Boys and Youth Girls on Saturday July 02, 2011 from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM.
It was an outstanding sport’s event where the majority of Churches all over Ontario contributed together and competed in a love spirit.  There were more than 12 teams that were grouped in 3 streams for competition.
+  St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church came first for the Graduates
+  St. Catherine Coptic Orthodox Church came first for Boys
+  St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church came first for Girls.
Fr. Daniel Bessada distributed medals and Trophies for all winning teams and he declared a successful and outstanding event where everybody enjoyed the day and appreciated the effort to organize this great event.
SMSJB would like to thank all participants who spent the time and effort, and contributed in great manner to fulfill the churches’ youth needs and praise the Lord in all churches’ activities.
Special thanks to Temon Rassem and Basil Tadros for their great efforts to organize this event.  Everybody felt and witnessed a well organized day.
Christian Youth Channel (CYC) covered and taped bits and pieces of this event and will broadcast this event later.
SMSJB is thanking the Lord for His Holy Hand who fulfilled our needs before we ask or seek.
For more photos, please visit the Multimedia Centre and choose Photos’ 2011