Youth Day at Buffalo (USA) – January 14, 2012

Our Youth group got the opportunity to travel together to Buffalo, NY and got the blessing of visiting our Coptic Church there “St. Mary and St. Moses the Black.”
They spent their time in prayers, bible study, contemplation, discussions, aghapy and many entertainment activities.  Fr. Daniel was leading the Youth group with the Youth servants.
The Youth group came up with some preaching tips and avenues.  Everybody enjoyed the time there and is seeking another opportunity to visit again and again.
SMSJB Youth Group would like to thank all their brothers and sisters there for their hospitality, time and joy they offered.  God reward them many folds.
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Sunday Schools’ Christmas Party – January 14, 2012

The Sunday Schools Kids (JK to G8) organized and celebrated the Christmas party.  They invited the Congregation and their friends to enjoy their special program in this blessed event.  We started by the Vesper prayers, followed by the following program: o  JK-G2 Choir, o  G3-G6 Choir, o  Le Pere Noel Song, o  Abouna’ sermon, o  JK-G6 Play “The Angel Shelter”,
o  G6-G8 Play “Egypt’s got Talent”, o  Ending Prayer, o  Cake and Refreshment
We thank the Lord for this blessed event and we ask Him to reward everybody for his/her time and effort.  God bless our beloved kids.
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