Holy Pascha 2015

“Let us weep for ourselves whilst we still have the time, so that when our departure cometh nigh we may not be found asking God for more time wherein to repent. A wretched thing is that soul, and greatly to be blamed, which hath left the world, but which had not dedicated itself to God, and which had not lived worthily of its promise. Let us not then, O my brethren, allow this world, which is a small and contemptible thing, and which resembleth a fleeting shadow, to steal away from us blessed and immortal life.” St. Pachomius.

Schedule for Holy Pascha

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Holy Pascha Thok ta ti gom Coptic Hymn لك القوة والمجد https://youtu.be/FTIg98vLFBo

Common Paschal Prayers: According to the Rites and Tradition of The Coptic Orthodox Church By Dr. William A. Hanna (2003)

Listen to The Passion (Pascha) Week hymns by The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church (HCOC) choir