St. John the Beloved’s Vesper Prayers

st-john-the-beloved-laying-his-head-on-the-chest-of-our-lord-at-the-last-supperOur beloved Church will pray vesper prayer and celebrate St. John the Beloved’s feast, on Saturday May 23 at 7:00 PM followed by a sermon from Dr. Mamdouh Armis about St John’s life an teachings.
We will celebrate the feast on Sunday May 24 followed by servants’ meeting at 1:00 PM. We ask the Lord through the prayers and blessings of St. John the Beloved our patron to bless our Church, our Congregation, our Community and all our Church’s ministries.

The Holy Feast of Ascension

Ascension05Because in His divinity, He is everywhere, He does not ascend nor descend. Therefore, in the Liturgy of St. Gregory we say “And You ascended into the heavens in the body…” This ascension is evidence that His Glorified Body is not subject to the earth’s gravitational laws. It is also evidence of His Divinity. He ascended before His disciples as they were looking. This scene strengthened their faith because the Lord not only resurrected using His Divine power, but He also ascended into heaven in front of them.

In His ascension to Heaven, He did not leave His church alone on Earth.

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Raised Up to Sit in Heavenly Places

And raised us up with him, and made us sit with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Eph 2:6).

Our Salvation was achieved by our Lord Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and accomplished by His resurrection and lifting up from this world into heaven. The fullness of Christ’s resurrection is given in the ascension. The ascension completes the resurrection. Without the resurrection Christ’s death would be meaningless “And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty” (1 Cor 15:14). Continue Reading From