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The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) processes undergraduate and professional applications for admissions to the province’s universities.  The OUAC will forward applications to all requested universities and/or programs regardless of the qualifications of the applicant. The OUAC does not make any admission decisions.
Undergraduate study is the first level of academic work available at a university and leads to a bachelor’s degree. Normally (but not always), undergraduate applicants do not already hold a university degree. Admission to undergraduate study usually requires completion of secondary school qualifications or higher.
A professional program is a program of advanced learning that leads to an occupation governed by a mandatory regulatory body. Practicing members of the profession must complete a licensing exam before they can actively practice and must keep their credentials current, through additional education mandated by the regulatory body. Professional programs processed by the OUAC include medicine, law, teacher education, and rehabilitation sciences.


Here are a list of the programs available OUAC:
* The Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs (ORPAS)
* The Ontario Faculties of Education (TEAS)
* The Ontario Law Schools (OLSAS)
* The Ontario Medical Schools (OMSAS)
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