Youth Mission @Trent University – March 01, 2013

Our Youth Group (G7 & G8, High School, University and Grads) participated on March 1st in a “Celebration of Black History and Culture” event at Trent University in Oshawa Campus in an effort to get people knowing and reminded about Jesus Christ the Savior and Holy Redeemer as well as knowing about the Coptic Church and her activities.
They prepared a flyer about the Coptic Black Saints to match with this event.  They displayed as well the clip of their Kenya Mission last summer.  G7 and G8 performed a couple of songs that delivered a valuable message about Humanity to match with this event on celebrating Humanity.
It was a blessed opportunity to expose our Church to Durham Community and attract Youth from multi-culture to visit our Church and know Jesus Christ.
God bless everyone who invested the time and the effort in participating with great manner in this remarkable event.
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