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024Kids_Corner_LogoWelcome to our Kids Corner, an e-corner where kids get together, worship God, search the Bible, learn together, and have fun.

We love Jesus, we trust in Him, and we love each other in Him.

We love our church where we feel Love and Care

The Holy Bible

The Bible is a collection of individual books that together tell the story of a group of people bound by a common faith in God. It is divided into two main sections: the Old Testament originally written primarily in Hebrew, and the New Testament originally written primarily in Greek. The Bible is the means by which Christian believers come to understand how God has been present with humanity since the beginning of time and is present in our world today. The Bible, is the source of truth, the standard for meaningful life, the revelation of Jesus Christ, the key to true freedom and liberty, and true food for man’s soul.By studying the scriptures we can begin to know of God’s faithfulness, constant love and eternal goodness.


Bible for Children

Once the website is opened in a new window, click on “Story” from the old and/or the new testament, then scroll to read the bible story

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Bible Adventures and Activities

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Christian Character Builders Game

277977514We remain devoted to using the richness of God’s Word for discipleship, the effective training in Godly character, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to know Jesus and experience his endless love! Our desire is that out of a heart of thanksgiving,
we would express our love for our Savior through a lifetime of devotion to our Lord, and ministry to others, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Divine Liturgy’s Analysis – Fr. Daoud Lamei

The Story of Jonah


A great summary about Jesus in the Bible