Career Centres in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Career Centres are designed to assist with career planning and development and also to provide a wide variety of resources and advice to any job seeker.
To get a list of Career Resources Centres within GTA, click HERE
You can also search a career opportunity by yourself for free through some major job search websites:
1.  A main job search website that help on how to register, formatting a resume, how to create/edit/delete your CareerAlerts, how to apply for a job, or other relevant services. Click on to search a career opportunity.

2.  Using proven strategies, experts work with you to understand your goals — and craft a resume that gets results.  There’s no need to repeat your Job Searches each time you log in. You can do the Job Search once and save your search terms. You can even choose how often you want to receive email alerts about matching jobs. Click on to search a career opportunity.

3. Charity Village:  You’ll find every day more than 3,500 pages of news, jobs, resources, how-to articles, volunteer and event listings, educational opportunities, and much more. To access this website, click HERE

4. Ontario Public Service Careers (OPS):  The Ontario Public Service is always striving to be a world leader in public service.  The jobs posted on this website are within the approved employment cap for the Ontario Public Service.  The Ontario Public Service (OPS) is one of the largest employers in the province, employing more than 60,000 people. They have a wide range of meaningful and rewarding career opportunities in communities across Ontario. To access OPS, click HERE

5. Job Bank: Job Bank is Canada’s one-stop job listing website. Each year, they help hundreds of thousands of Canadian workers, job seekers and employers connect online, and free of any service charges.  Their popular and innovative online tools are available to help you find that perfect job.  Their Job Search tool allows you to search current job openings from coast to coast, or register with Job Bank to make use of Job Match, Job Alert, the Résumé Builder and the Career Navigator.
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How do I get my Skills Recognized?

Man_ContemplatingNewcomers may face challenges finding a job in Canada. Statistics Canada identifies four labour market challenges faced by newcomers to Canada. One challenge is foreign credential recognition.
Some credentials obtained outside of Canada may not be recognized as equivalent to Canadian credentials. This is often because of contextual differences between countries, particularly in regulated occupations where health and safety are important.
Getting professional and educational credentials recognized in Canada can take time. Organizations that assess foreign credentials include: credential assessment agencies, educational institutions, and regulatory bodies.
For some jobs, mostly regulated occupations, newcomers will need to have their foreign credentials assessed.
There are two types of jobs in Canada: non-regulated and regulated.
Non-Regulated: If you wish to work in non-regulated occupations, employers will be interested in learning about your education and work experience. This information can be summarized in a resume. In addition, employers may be interested in the Canadian equivalency to your educational credentials that were obtained outside of Canada.
The non-regulated job market is an excellent place to begin your career in Canada.
Regulated: Credential assessment and recognition is usually completed by a regulatory body.
Tip: A credential assessment costs money. Check with a regulatory body or other organization to determine if you need an assessment before spending money on an assessment that is not required or recognized.
Tip: A credential assessment costs money. Check with a regulatory body or other organization to determine if you need an assessment before spending money on an assessment that is not required or recognized.
Credential Assessments and Continuing Education:
If you apply to college or university, you may need to have your foreign educational credentials assessed. This may either be done by a credential assessment agency or by the specific educational institution.
Canadian Equivalency to Foreign Credentials:
The Canadian government offers information about foreign credential assessment and recognition processes through the Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO). To learn more, visit the FCRO Web site or call Service Canada at 1-888-854-1805 or TTY 1-800-926-9105 (in Canada only).
Provincial credential assessment services assess academic credentials for a fee. The assessment will tell you how your education compares with educational standards in the province or territory where you are planning to settle. An assessment may help you in your job search.
Assessment Services in Ontario:

Durham Region

DurhamThe Region of Durham is situated in the highly developed and populated economic centre of Ontario, known as the Golden Horseshoe, that stretches from Oshawa to Niagara Falls. Durham Region lies immediately to the east of the City of Toronto within the Greater Toronto Area and encompasses an area of approximately 2,590 square kilometres. The area is characterized by a variety of landscapes and communities. A series of major lakeshore urban communities contrast with a variety of small towns, villages, hamlets and farms which lie immediately inland. The relatively flat lakeshore area marked by the bluffs, wooded creeks and ancient shoreline, features contrasts with the hummocky topography of the Oak Ridges Moraine running parallel to the shoreline only 15 miles to the north. This diverse landscape of woods, headwaters, ridges and hollows gives way to rolling farmlands and lakes to the north. Here the Municipality spreads into the prime recreational lakelands of Simcoe, Scugog and the Kawarthas.
A recent report by the Planning Department estimates that the population of the Region of Durham was 531,000 in May 2001. A target of 760,000 people has been estimated for the number of people living in the Region by the year 2011, and a target of 970,000 people by the year 2021 – more than double the 1991 population.
The Vision statement of Durham Region:  Durham will be a united group of vibrant and diverse communities recognized for their leadership, community, spirit and exceptional quality of life.
The mission statement describes the fundamental purpose of the Region’s role in service delivery to the public:  Meeting the needs of the Durham community through leadership, co-operation and service excellence.
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Durham Region’s Parks and Recreation

Rotary_ParkDurham Region’s Top Parks for Summer Fun:
One of the families’ favorite summer activities is park hopping.  They pack a picnic, and their bathing suits and head off to a different park each week across Durham.
Here are the top 15 in order of most popular:
1. Lakeview Park, Oshawa (waterpad)  
2. Rotary Sunrise Lake Park, Whitby (waterpad)
3. Rotary Park, Ajax (waterpad) 
4. Willow Park, Whitby 
5. Beachfront Park, Pickering (waterpad)
6. Folkstone Park, Whitby (behind McKinney Arena)
7. Vipond Park, Brooklin
8. Greenwood Conservation Area ,Ajax
9. Kinsmen Park, Whitby (splash pad)  
10. Whitburn Park, Whitby
11. Portage Park, Whitby (Portage Ave, Whitby Shores area)
(splash pad)
12. Jack Wilson Park, Whitby
13. Beatrice Park, behind the Oshawa Central Library
14. Frenchman’s Bay, Pickering 
15. Williamsburg Park, Whitby

Pickering Recreations Complex:
Pickering Recreation Complex offers Tennis on 4 courts. Equipment is available free of charge for anyone wishing to use the courts.  In addition, it offers private, semi private and group swimming lessons to all ages and abilities.  You can also enjoy Group Fitness in 3 new high-tech studios, as well as the pool.  Pickering Recreation Complex offers programs for every ability and interest.
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Ajax Community Centre:
The Ajax Community Centre indoor facilities include 4 arenas, offering year round ice and summer floor activities, 25 metre swimming pool, a top notch fitness centre, the Ajax Rock Oasis: Fun, indoor rock climbing for kids and adults. Birthday parties, school holiday programs, camps and lessons available.
It also includes outdoor facilities:  Ajax Cricket Club pitch and pavilion, 4 public tennis courts, Soccer fields and Ajax Soccer Club clubhouse, and more.
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Iroquois Park Sports Centre (IPSC):
The Iroquois Park Sports Centre (IPSC) is Canada’s largest municipal sports and recreation complex. Boasting over two million visitors annually, the IPSC is the largest single destination for minor hockey and lacrosse events in Canada. IPSC is home to the majority of Whitby’s hockey and lacrosse sports groups. And, by virtue of its size and available facilities, IPSC is a choice destination for large scale tournaments, athletic events, shows and special events. These events draw a substantial number of visitors from the Greater Toronto Area, Central Ontario and beyond, each year.
Spanning 240,000 square feet, the IPSC houses six arenas – including a 1,500 seat feature arena, – two swimming pools, a 600 seat restaurant, and a Pro Shop. The Centre is situated on 47 acres of parkland offering 4 softball diamonds, 1 senior level baseball diamond, a skateboard park, soccer pitch, playground area, 6 tennis courts, open spaces and parking for 900 cars.
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Oshawa Recreations:
Oshawa features over 1,200 acres of passive and active parkland. Their trails total almost 22 km of paved surface that provide citizens and visitors with an active and environmentally friendly way to discover Oshawa’s internationally recognized parks, culture and natural treasures.
With a wide variety of indoor and outdoor facilities including arenas, recreation complexes, athletic fields, beaches, trails, playgrounds and pools, the City of Oshawa has something for all ages! Explore, play and get active!
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Universities in Ontario

UFTEvery university in Ontario and its campuses are profiled which include facts and statistics, visiting, applying, tuition fees and financial aid, academics, studying, libraries, research, graduates and careers, student services, housing, student groups, arts and cultural, news and media, sports and recreation.
The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) processes undergraduate and professional applications for admissions to the province’s universities.  The OUAC will forward applications to all requested universities and/or programs regardless of the qualifications of the applicant. The OUAC does not make any admission decisions.
Undergraduate study is the first level of academic work available at a university and leads to a bachelor’s degree. Normally (but not always), undergraduate applicants do not already hold a university degree. Admission to undergraduate study usually requires completion of secondary school qualifications or higher.
A professional program is a program of advanced learning that leads to an occupation governed by a mandatory regulatory body. Practicing members of the profession must complete a licensing exam before they can actively practice and must keep their credentials current, through additional education mandated by the regulatory body. Professional programs processed by the OUAC include medicine, law, teacher education, and rehabilitation sciences.


Here are a list of the programs available OUAC:
* The Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs (ORPAS)
* The Ontario Faculties of Education (TEAS)
* The Ontario Law Schools (OLSAS)
* The Ontario Medical Schools (OMSAS)
To review what Ontario Universities’ Application Centre can offer to you, click HERE
For guide to all Ontario University campus websites, where you can find information on admissions, courses, degree programs, student loans, scholarships,  grants, online education, student community life and much more, click HERE

Kids’ Choir Performance @Pickering City Hall – Dec 12, 2013:

We thank our Dear Lord for this opportunity to expose our Coptic Church to the community at Pickering City Hall for the second year in a row.

On Dec 12, 2013, two groups of our beloved SMSJB Church (G3 to G6 and G7-G8) performed Christmas Carols for the second time at Pickering City Hall. They delivered a joyful message to all people: ” For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” – John 3:16.

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Poetry Night – November 22, 2013

SMSJB Youth Group organized their third yearly Poetry Night on FRI November 22, 2013 @St. John the Beloved’s Building.  It was a great event where all the Youth from multiple churches and Youth Groups outside of our Congregation were invited to present their poems, spoken words, their songs, etc.  Around 15 acts were presented in a professional manner.  In addition, our SMSJB G7 and G8 and Youth’ Choir performed some Christian songs.
This event explored lots of talented Youth.  They can rhyme their words and deliver significant messages.  Everything was well organized.  Refreshments and snacks were served at the end of the event. Every participant and audience are looking forward to repeating this event.
Thanks to everyone who organized and participated in this night.  Great and awesome job.
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Heavenly Hall Grand Opening – November 17, 2013

On November 17, 2013, our beloved SMSJB Church celebrated the Grand Opening of the Heavenly Hall and Catering Kitchen located in St. John the Beloved’s building.
We were honoured by the presence of Mr. Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
who shared us this special moment of the successful project’s completion.
Our beloved Kids’ performed Choir and Drama in this occasion.  Everyone felt the presence of God and felt cheerful. We enjoyed Agapy together and prayed the Thanksgiving prayer at the end.


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MON October 21, 2013 – Babah 11, 1730 AM

Departure of St. James the Patriarch of Antioch

On this day was the departure of the holy father Abba James, the patriarch of Antioch. Great tribulations befell him, and he was exiled for keeping the Orthodox faith. After he remained in exile for a period of time, the people of the city gathered and brought him back. Then the Arians went back and exiled him again and he stayed in exile for seven more years, then departed in peace.

May his prayers and blessings be with us all. Amen.

نياحة الانبا يعقوب بطريرك إنطاكية

في مثل هذا اليوم تنيح الأب القديس الأنبا يعقوب بطريرك إنطاكية. وقد لقي شدائد كثيرة ونفى في سبيل المحافظة على الأمانة المستقيمة. وبعد أن ظل في النفي مدة من الزمان اجتمع أهل المدينة واستحضروه. ثم رجع الأريوسيون ونفوه ثانيا. فمكث في المنفى سبع سنين. ثم تنيح بسلام

شفاعته تكون معنا. آمين

Departure of St. Pelagia

On this day also departed St.Pelagia. This righteous woman was born in the city of Antioch from pagan parents, and she had both a corrupt faith and a corrupt manner of life. She met a holy bishop whose name was Paul who preached to her. She believed in the Lord Christ through him, and confessed to him everything which she had done. He encouraged her and taught her not to despair but to repent with a true determination. Then he baptized her in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and she was illuminated by the grace of baptism. She led a penitent life with a firm heart and a pure determination, and she consumed her body with strenous worship. Then she dressed herself in the garb of men and went to Jerusalem and worshipped in its sanctuaries. She met Abba Alexandros the patriarch of Jerusalem who sent her to one of the convents outside Jerusalem. She dwelt there for forty years and departed in peace.

May her prayers and blessings be with us all, and Glory be to God forever. Amen.

نياحة القديسة بيلاجية التائبة

في مثل هذا اليوم تنيحت القديسة بيلاجية. وقد ولدت هذه البارة بمدينة إنطاكية من أبوين وثنيين، وكانت قد جمعت إلى فساد معتقدها، نجاسة السيرة أيضا. فصادفها أسقف قديس يسمى بولس، ووعظها كثيرا فآمنت بالسيد المسيح على يده، واعترفت له بجميع ما صنعت. فقواها وعلمها ألا تيأس. وأن تتوب بنية صادقة. ثم عمدها باسم الاب والابن والروح القدس. فاستنارت بنعمة المعمودية. وتقدمت إلى التوبة بقلب ثابت ونية خالصة وأضنت جسمها بالعبادة الحارة. ثم تزينت بزي الرجال وذهبت إلى أورشليم. وسجدت في هياكلها واجتمعت بالأب الاسكندروس بطريرك أورشليم فأرسلها إلى بعض الأديرة التي بقرب بيت المقدس فمكثت فيها أربعين سنة وتنيحت بسلام

صلاتها تكون معنا. ولربنا المجد دائما أبديا. آمين

SMSJB Youth South Africa Mission – Aug 05 to 19, 2013

o Under the leadership of Fr. Daniel Bessada, the Undergraduate, Graduate group and the High School Youth embarked on a two weeks’ journey to Johannesburg, South Africa.
o 27 of our Youth ventured in a mission for charity work, humanitarian service and self-spiritual development. They raised around $14,000 in cash donations and took over 50 suitcases of various clothing, school supplies, christian gifts, and medication.
o They were joined by a group of Youth under the leadership of Fr. Dawood Lamey from Egypt.
o As a Charity Mission, they served 7 perishes, visited 3 monasteries, a hospital, 3 orphanages and 13 schools.
o As a Spiritual Mission, they had the blessing of meeting Bishop A. Markos, Fr. Abdel Messih and Fr. Takla as well as some native priests.  They prayed 3 Liturgies.  They held a Pre-Baptism seminar at a
church in Soshanguve for potential converts and atheists.
o During their stay in KwaZuluNatal, they partook in house visitations, Bible studies and Youth Groups.  Following each Liturgy, Sunday School classes were held by this group, for all ages.

To give you a little background about the Youth Group at our church:  They are a group of University and College Students and Graduates that have come together as one under this church.  The Youth Group are active in the church and its services.
This is a group of young adults coming together for their love of one another, their love of God, and their love of service!  The Youth Group welcomes all those interested in becoming part of this group to join them in any of their meetings and services.
“Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let they heart cheer in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment” (Ecclesiastes 11:9)